Community communication activities to promote the conservation of the Endangered Big-headed Turtle

From 17th November 2020 to 25th December 2020, the Asian Turtle Program (ATP) of Indo-Myanmar Conservation worked with Pu Mat National Park to implement a series of communication activities to raise awareness of the Big-headed Turtle for forest rangers and local communities in four communes of the National Park’s buffer zone.

Accordingly, five community meetings in Khe Bu and Na villages (Chau Khe commune), Trung Chinh village (Yen Khe commune), Luc Son village (Luc Da commune), and Xieng and Cang village (Mon Son commune) were organized with the participation of nearly 300 members of the local community. Nine signboards have also been printed and installed at the community centres of those villages. At Chau Khe, Mon Son, and Luc Da Primary schools, extracurricular activities integrated with unique turtle games to stimulate love of Big-headed Turtles and encourage students to participate in protecting this special turtle have been organized for nearly 700 children.

Students who took part in the extracurricular activities received special prizes. Photo by: Hoang Van Ha – ATP/IMC.

We hope that these communication activities around ​​Pu Mat National Park will contribute to the understanding and appreciation of the Big-headed turtles, in order to protect the species.

Do not hunt, trade, transport and use Big-headed Turtles or their products.

30th December 2020
Press release by: Ha Hoang – ATP/IMC

We are deeply grateful to the Fondation Segré Conservation Fund and the EDGE of Existence programme, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (CMZ) for their support to this project, our other project partners (the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), Paignton Zoo, Nordens Ark, the Centre for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (CRES), Pu Mat National Park, and Cuc Phuong National Park) and all of the numerous donors and individuals who have contributed along the way.

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