Indo-Myanmar Conservation

Protecting today so we can see tomorrow…

Indo-Myanmar Conservation (IMC) is a UK-registered charity that works to prevent the extinction of the Indo-Myanmar Hotspot’s globally threatened wildlife. IMC was established in 2008 with projects in Myanmar but has now expanded to other parts of the hotspot, including a strong presence in Vietnam.

We work in a variety of different ways to conserve native wildlife directly and indirectly, with a focus on species which are both highly endangered and largely restricted to this hotspot.

Some of our activities include:

  • Biodiversity Surveys – We perform camera trapping, physical traps and other survey techniques in forests, lakes and rivers, and local villages to increase our knowledge of the lesser-known animals of the hotspot i.e. small mammals, fish, tortoises and freshwater turtles, and other reptiles and amphibians.
  • Rescue centre support – We provide financial support, advice and training to wildlife rescue centres which receive animals confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade, many of which are sick and/or injured. This includes providing guidance for correctly keeping and handling animals, treating wounds and infections, testing for dangerous diseases and releasing healthy animals back to the wild.
  • Awareness and capacity building – Much of our time is dedicated to spreading awareness of conservation issues in local communities and schools as well as providing training to students and law enforcement officers.